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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Drone Nationals in Collingwood

Collingwood | by Jim Birchard  
More than 100 people will take part in Canadian Drone competition this weekend.

Racers and remote-control aficionados alike will gather in Collingwood this weekend to mark the first-ever Canadian Drone Nationals.

More than 100 people from all over Canada and the United States have already signed up to pilot first-person view (FPV) racing drones at the tournament.

It began on Friday and continues until Sunday.

Organizer David French from RacingFPV.com says once you get in and you put the goggles on -- it's like an out of body experience,

Drone racing -- sometimes called Rotorcross -- involves participants controlling drones equipped with cameras while wearing goggles that allow them to view what the drone sees.

The goal of the race is to complete an established course as quickly as possible without crashing or colliding into another drone.




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