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Did you know that 98 percent of the businesses in Canada are small businesses?

That means shopping small can lead to big things!

When you shop small, you support business owners in our community, who employ your friends and neighbours: Your son or daughter’s coach. People who know your name! Plus, you contribute taxes that make our community stronger.

At 97-7 Max FM, we're celebrating the role small businesses play in driving our economy!

We encourage you to "Shop Small" and be part of something big!

This month, we're featuring Red Scarf Equestrian!

Red Scarf Equestrian is a Canadian company based in Collingwood, Ontario, providing horse lovers with extraordinary equestrian lifestyle and rider's products.  What makes Red Scarf Equestrian unique is in the way that it has already established its commitment to an overall lifestyle brand. This enables the customer to showcase their love of the equestrian world in their day-to-day life, whether on the way to the barn or into town. A consistent interest in, and desire to belong to, an equestrian outlook on life. Join their herd.  Learn more at redscarfequestrian.ca


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